Integrated Marketing Communications


Marketing your products or services is as challenging as ever. And even though your company and offerings may be hands down better than your competitors', finding your targeted audiences and convincing them to act within a limited budget is another matter. That's where we can help you.

SandA Marketing Communications offers a wealth of experience and a complete arsenal of integrated marketing communication services that include web development, search engine optimization, social media & marketing, advertising, and business planning. We have the knowledge, resources, creativity and tools to break through the media cacophony with on-target, action provoking messaging.


And medium minded, too. We understand the needs and issues facing small and medium size businesses. After all, we're one ourselves. So we are well aware of the marketing budget constraints that you face, especially in these economic times. That's why we're very competitive in our pricing structure. What we do is develop cost effective marcomm strategies based on your budget. As a result you can expect real value for every advertising dollar you spend.


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Marketing Communications Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

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Brand Development is Important

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Social Media As Strategy for Local Search Marketing

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